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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The boys room

For some time now, I´ve been trying to make Bidenams and Freys room look more interesting and cozy. I decided that blue should be the theme-colour in the room, since I love blue (and my boys do too, because of Sportacus in Lazy Town :-)

I started by throwing some things out (furniture and toys), that they where not really using or they didn´t need, to make more space. Then I turned the sleeping-sofa around, bought an extra shelve and many boxes for their toys and other things. Yesterday I sew a cover out of a IKEA-blanket for the sleeping-sofa, and some covers for the cushions (also from IKEA). You can see this on the picture! I sew the Barbapapa on the sofa myself about 2 years ago for my boys- I found those you can buy in stores so expensive... and this one was really easy to make (out of fleece from Rúmfatalagerinn) We are all very happy with the result! The room is much calmer and more cozy... it´s always getting better, and better!


  1. Sætir púðarnir, Barbapabbi sérstaklega vel heppnaður finnst mér! Þú ert ansi klár að sauma. Og svo er svo gaman að dúllast og breyta til!

  2. Takk fyrir! Já, það er ótrúlega gaman að breyta til - oft þarf ekki mikið til á ná miklum áhrifum!

  3. Love the bed!!! Want my husband to build something like this for my mittleone :)