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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

small things - big things

 When it comes to creating, I have a thing for "unusual material". Everywhere I go I´ve got my eyes open for interesting things (some people might say I´m crazy, but that´s why I love spending time at big hardware stores like Bauhaus). 
The other day I went to  a place where they sell material for the fishing industry: chains, ropes and yarn to make fishnets among other things. I fell for some white, shiny, soft and flexible yarn they use for fishnets. I didn´t know what I was going to do with it, but it was way too pretty to just leave it there :-) 

I started by making a crochet-cover for a mason-jar I use for pencils at my workspace, just to get a feeling for the material.  I used one of my biggest crochet-hooks and now I´ve got a lot of  ideas on what to do next with this exciting material! 

A LOT of beautiful yarn for fishnet-making...

... makes an interesting texture when used for a crochet-cover

I used really thin cotton-yarn for this one - a interesting contrast to my fishnet-yarn-cover

together in peace and harmony 


  1. Both jars are lovely :) Can't wait to see what more you will make from the fishnet thread.
    Hope you are having a wonderful and creative weekend.

    1. Thank you Hilde :-) I´m having a lot of fun creating with this thread and watching it´s shiny sparkle!