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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Yarn dyeing with kool aid & knitting for a baby

I´ve been knitting quite a lot for a baby that will soon be born
I started by knitting a baby-hat, using this pattern - it´s in Icelandic but there are so many similar patterns out there for free - but if you read Icelandic I really do recommend this one: it´s so simple, extremely quick and you get a beautiful, really practical hat for your little one. 
I loved this kind of hats when I had my two sons and think you just can´t have to many of those. 

For all those projects I used the same yarn: Trysil baby-yarn from my stash. I really liked working with it - it´s sooooo soft, light and wonderful - perfect for baby-clothing... so sad that we can´t buy this yarn in Iceland anymore :-(

For this one I used needles nr. 2,5 - that makes it a newborn-size

For those hats I used Trysil-baby-yarn I dyed with Kool-aid (keypt í Megastore), 
using this tutorial by Xandy.
Blue: red/blue/white Kool-aid (needles nr. 3,5)
green: lemon-lime Kool-aid (needles nr. 3,5)
red: cherry Kool-aid (in the small packets/bréf í Megastore - I didn´t get the same deep-red color from the one in a tub/dunkur í Kosti), needles nr. 2,5 (newborn size)
 I really had fun dyeing yarn with kool-aid and I really loved the way it turned out - I´ll definitely be using this dye-material more in the future. 

... just can´t wait to see those hats on the baby´s head :-) 

I also made a sweater - I really don´t like knitting cables, 
but I decided to try to get rid of my cable-phobia for this project. 
I used a pattern from the book "Fleiri Prjónaperlur"
about the pattern:
I really had fun knitting this sweater - I even enjoyed knitting the cables for the first time ever.
It´s a quick and simple knit - the only thing is, that I didn´t like the way the pattern is written and a beginner could have some serious problems getting through the second part of the instructions (lack of information and not very clear).
But I DO LOVE he outcome - and more importantly: the mother to-be did too :-) 
(even my husband said: can´t you make one for me, using the same yarn and pattern - only bigger?)
Yarn: Trysil baby-yarn from my stash

buttons: from my button-stash... got those from my mother and they where so perfect for this project  - it´s almost like they where just sitting there, waiting to get on this sweater!

I love knitting baby-things... so quick, cute and soft - instant gratification!


  1. VEIIIIIIIIIII þú ert nú búin að klappa þessum haus

  2. Those are all lovely baby knits! I really like the hats, such a cute style! I like knitting baby things too. Your colours from Kool Aid dye are beautiful, so clear and strong.

    1. Thank you so much Linda! :-) It really was fun to dye with Kool-aid and so easy!

  3. Your knit work is beautiful! The baby hats and sweather turned out lovely and I'm sure they will be cherished :)
    The cool aid colours are very nice, I have never tried that before.

    1. Thank you Hilde :-) You should try it out if you can buy Kool-aid where you live - it´s fun and simple!