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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Picture-Wednesday: "framing" as a photography technique

 This week, Knittingmydayaway and I where all about "framing" in photography. That means, you can create an interesting picture with depth, perspective and direct the viewers attention to a particular subject, by "framing" it with something in it´s surrounding. You can use many things as a "frame" (or border): trees, walls, fences, people... in fact anything... be creative! You can read a lot about this technique online, but here you have a nice and simple explanation.

We also chose a random word as a theme: "round". We where allowed to mix those two things up, "framing" and "round" in one picture if we wanted to.

I took a lot of pictures in 101 Reykjavík (city center) - I really liked so many of them that I decided to share all my favorites with you instead of choosing just one!

I would really love it, if you would take the time to leave a comment and tell me which one of those YOU like the most...

Please click on the pictures to see them in full size...
round and framed

also round and framed - I love how this sign screams back to you "your perfect day"! It reminded me of really enjoying my day and what I was doing that day!

framed and round: we have beautiful round, red berries, framed by small stone-walls on both sides - I like the depth and perspective of this picture (me being a crazy lady, almost laid down on the street to shoot this one :-)  

 framed by a window: Viking-Christmas-beer (jólabjórinn er mættur!)... I like the humor of this advertisement in the window of a cafe: Santas reindeer's pulling a vikingship!

framed and round: I had this one already taken in my mind when I started my city center tour:        street art, a beautiful butterfly framed inside a circle - take a closer look... do you see the skulls, bones and faces???

framed by houses: well, this one is a tourist-tour-classic: Hallgrímskirkja at Skólavörðustígur (the brown and green building on the left is one of my favorite spots: a bookstore with a wonderful selection of magazines, nice tables with a view, free wlan and great coffee)

 Esjan, framed by houses and a fence at Vesturgata

Round: take a LOOK at this cool street art found in Vesturgata, 101 RVK

 Framed and round: me, framed by this amazing door, inside a circle...

Framed by walls... 

framed: take a look at "inside" my childhood - because this is the place where I grew up as a child (Sólvallagata)... this is where I played with my younger sisters, picked berries from those trees, inspected worms with my wonderful childhood friend Ásthildur and did a lot of other crazy stuff... everything is still the same, just a bit older and in a strange way smaller...


  1. Wow, Kristin, this is interesting, and I loved seing all your photos!! Also fun to see glimpses of Reykjavik through your photo lens.
    All your photos are great, but I think that my favourite is no 3 with the red berries, and I also liked no 9 :)

    Good luck wit next week's photos, can't wait to see :)

    1. Thank you so much Hilde! I´m having SO MUCH FUN! I think nr. 3 and 9 are probably my favorites too! :-) I´m a little late with the photos this week... it´s been quite a crazy week!

  2. Mér finnst ég hafa verið á rölti mér þér um bæinn! Það hefði sko verið gaman!!
    Uppáhalds myndin er þessi af hurðinni og þér að endurspeglast;)

    1. alltaf velkomin í bæjarrölt með mér! :-)