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Monday, August 27, 2012

my summer

This summer has been so wonderful with a lot of sunny, warm and happy days. I´ve spent most of my time with my boys outside enjoying live. We´ve had so much fun...

 we spent some time, discovering the wonders of the city center of Reykjavík...


 on adventure with friends

ohhh... what fun the 4 of them had together!

a visit at the concert hall

  we also went camping at Seljalandsfoss, this was our view the entire weekend

 we went swimming in one of my favorite hot springs, during our camping trip

the walk back to our car after the swimming

 We also spent 1 week in the amazing Westfjords, where we rented a house in a village called Suðureyri. 

our house is the small one with the blue roof in the middle

Súgandafjörður, where Suðureyri is

we drove through tunnels every day...

and through a lot of fjords on streets like this...

we visited the house where my grandmother was born and lived with her family as a child 
(Stapadalur, Arnarfjörður)

 inside my grandmothers house

Arnarfjörður is such a beautiful place 

of course we went to my grandmothers beach...
 ... and found some treasures

 Driving back from Stapadalur (vegurinn fyrir nes) was an adventure... at times we wondered if the road went on or not...

... but it was one of the most amazing things I've ever experienced

 white sand in Arnarfjörður (Stapadalur at the back)

 Reykjafjarðarlaug, the biggest hot pot in Iceland - the view was amazing

At Dynjandi

Another hot spring, Pollurinn at Tálknafjörður

The view from Pollurinn

What a wonderful summer.... now I'm ready for fall and wintertime!


  1. hi, I really enjoyed to look at your wonderful pictures, you are living in such a beautiful country...
    have a great time,
    ciao ciao Christa

    1. I´m so glad you liked my pictures! :-)

  2. I can see you had a wonderful summer, Kristin :)
    It was fun to see your photos, you have visited so many beautiful places, and those hot springs look amazing!!

    1. I really did have a wonderful summer Hilde! :-) I´ll take you to a hot spring if you come and visit Iceland one fine day Hilde!

  3. Lovely pictures. Glad you had a such a great summer. One of these days I need to visit Iceland... and make sure to bring lots of money for Icelandic yarn when I go :)

    1. Thank you so much Kniterly! :-) I hope you can come here some day and buy some icelandic yarn yourself - and see some sheep!