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Thursday, June 14, 2012


I told you last year and I´ll tell you again today: I love rhubarb! You can cook it, bake it, dye with the leaves or use the stems as a dye-mordant! Yesterday I got some really nice and cheap strawberries and decided to make some strawberry-jam... and since I found a lot of "wild" rhubarb the other day, I wanted it to be a strawberry-rhubarb-jam. I tell you: it was so worth the effort!!

How I did it:

1 kg strawberries
500 g rhubarb
600 g sugar
1 tsp vanilla sugar 
enough red melatin to make the jam thick enough (Bónus)

I cut the fruit into small pieces and let them soak in sugar, vanilla sugar and melatin over night. The morning after I cooked the jam until the fruit got really soft and used my hand blender to make the blend smooth. Pour the jam into pretty maison jars and enjoy!


 I also wanted to show that flowers don´t always have to be storebought to be pretty and decorative! 

Forget-me-not, picked on my daily walk yesterday... got the pretty little vase in a thriftstore and I love it... 

wonderful colours, love the pretty the blue. yellow and white togehter...  

got this perfect little vase in a thrifstore too - perfect colourcombo: purple and turquoise... 

I picked those on my daily walk too... you can eat the flowers in the back - looks really pretty on a salad!

My older one, Bidenam picked those on his own, yesterday... isn´t this the most perfect bouquet??

wonderful Lupina...


  1. oooh, I need to make that.
    And gorgeous flowers and pictures (as usual) :)

    1. yummi! :-) And thank you so much for the nice compliment on my pics!

  2. mmmmm rabarbari!! Ég hafði aldrei smakkað hann áður en ég flutti til Íslands! Hann er frábær!!! Nú skil ég ekki hvernig ég gat lífið án hans!
    Og lúpinur! *andvarp* hehe

    1. mmmm rabbarbari er einfaldlega dásemd! :-) skil heldur ekki hvernig þú gast lifað án hans! he he...

  3. Hallo Kristin,
    liebe Grüße aus Deutschland, letztes Jahr um diese Zeit war ich auf Island und vermisse es sehr ...
    Ich kann mich gut an die blühenden Lupinenfelder erinnern ...
    Schön, ein wenig bei dir Erinnerungen aufzufrischen ...
    Liebe Grüße

    1. Hallo Susanne!
      ... und ich vermisse Deutschland grad so sehr! :-) Aber die Lupinenfelder sind wirklich wunderschön und ueberall...
      Es ist immer schön zu sehen, dass jemand an dem was ich hier so schreibe Freude hat und ich freue mich deswegen auch so sehr ueber jedes Kommentar!
      Liebe Gruesse,

  4. Your strawberry+rhubarb jam looks delicious :) When the strawberries in my garden are ripe I will make some too.

    Love the flower bouquets, they look so sweet and decorative on your table :)

    1. Hi there Hilde and thank you for your kind words! :-) My boys enjoyed the jam with waffles, and I still have some left! You are so lucky to be able to grow your own strawberries!