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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Madder root and mustard yellow

At the moment I´m working on several projects at the same time like always... last weekend I started a new shawl, Hyrna Herborgar - a shawl I´ve made once before together with RodPrjonar and Gummi. I really love this pattern - it´s quite quick for a lace shawl, looks so beautiful when finished and it´s a traditional icelandic design. I´m using icelandic lace (einband) dyed by myself with madder root. It really is amazing how much colour you get from madder root - this yarn was the 4th dye... and all in all I dyed about 6 times with the same material. How amazing is that??

madder-root-yarn and my Hyrna Herborgar:

I´m also still working on my crochet-skills - and I´m happy to say, that I'm starting to develop a good sense for my crochethooks. What I like about crochet is, that once you´ve finished a piece, you´ve got the feeling that you´ve really accomplished something special... maby it´s because I'm a beginner in this field?
Yesterday I learned how to make a new square, using a chart from this site. I used cotton yarn in mustard-yellow (from Söstrene Grene), because I've got a thing for this colour at the moment... It might turn into a pillowcase once I´ve finished more of those - I´m thinking of joining 2 different kind squares, using this mustard yellow together with grey... just love that colour-combination!

 my new square:

pretty colours: 

Have I already mentioned in this post, how much I like mustard yellow at the moment?  Because of that, I just couldn´t help myself and started a new kind of collar, using this yarn ;-) I´m very excited to see how it turnes out...

my new collar in progress:


  1. What pretty colour you achieved from the madder root! I like dyeing with madder root too, and it it amazing how many shades of reds and oranges that can come out of it :)

    Love the crochet square!! Mustard yellow and grey looks beautiful together, and I'm sure your crochet pillow case will turn out wonderfully. Can't wait to see :)

    Have a lovely evening, Kristin!

  2. I have been meaning to knit that shawl too. love the pattern it's so beautiful.

  3. Hilde: thank you so much! Madder root is just wonderful, isn´t it? Amazing... I´m done with 6 squares already - 2 different versions! :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend dear Hilde!

    Harpa: the pattern really is beautiful... and so much fun to knit - one of my favorites!