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Monday, March 19, 2012

Sewing weekend: bibs and a laptop-sleeve

Note to self: on this picture of my boys, having fun with their chalk you can see, how the most simple things can make you happy, if you just notice them...

A strange thing happens, when I pick up my knitting-needles on weekends and start to knit: my boys and husband seem to need my help and attention for everything they do... with my sewing machine it´s a totaly different thing: when sewing, it´s almost as if I was home alone - strange, isn´t it?
But now you understand why I went crazy on my sewing machine this weekend...

I started by making some bibs (slefsmekkir) for a pretty little boy I´ll soon be visiting for the first time. You can never have too many bibs!! :-) I used a towel (úr Rúmfó), some pretty fabric-napkins, the remains of my husbands trousers I shortened and a green doily (yes, those bibs are made for a boy)... I used this great bib-tutorial by sew she sew´s. It has a great a free pattern and the bibs have the perfect size... I really love the way they turned out!

The second thing I made was a laptop-sleeve, for my sweet and tiny laptop. The outside fabric used to be a curtain (from a thrift-store), the lining is made out of a towel and remains of my own old trousers (pics are at the bottom of this post). I also used snaps (smellur úr Rúmfó) to close it...

Amazing how this...

... can turn into this:

this one, used to be trousers... (strákarnir kalla þennan: töffara-smekk)

the trousers-bib on the inside:

this one used to be a fabric-napkin:

X-napkin with a pretty doily that works for a boy too...

green doily-bib and the blue one on the inside (a towel):

2 snaps, for 2 sizes:

1 snap:

and this thing (what is it called??):

I also love how an old curtain, a towel and this...

can turn into this pretty thing... it´s almost like magic...

How I love this amazingly pretty, vintage, woven, mustard fabric! I really do! The best thing is, I still have 3 huge curtains like this one left to play with...
Together with my pretty curtains, I found this knitted beauty in the thriftstore for almost nothing... it´s white, it´s lace, it´s vintage, it´s handmade... it´s perfect!


  1. Perfect job! I love the bibs and the knitted vintage piece is gorgeous!

  2. Smekkirnir eru aeði, töffarasmekkurinn í uppáhaldi hjá mér!;) Þú ert ótrúlega klár að sauma!
    Vá heppin að finna prjónið, er þetta dúkur?? Ofsalega fallegt!

  3. Thanks for an inspiring post. It's great to see how much beauty can come from recycling old fabrics. Not to mention getting more milage for your money and helping the environment!

  4. Jamie: thank you so much! I love the knitted piece too!!

    Jóhanna: takk krúttið mitt. Þetta er nokkkuð stór dúkur já... svona getur maður verið heppinn ef maður heimsækir svona búðir og markaði reglulega - þá dettur eitthvað inn sem menn átta sig ekki á hversu mikil vinna er í og verðleggja það í kringum 500 kallinn! :-D LOL

    Erin: you are so very welcome! I love recycling old fabrics and materials - the possibilities are endless!