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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The versatile blogger award II

I´m proud and happy to be able to tell you, that once again, I´ve been nominated for the Versatile blogger award - this time by "Fra arstid til arstid"! It´s so wonderful to hear, that what I´m doing on my blog is appreciated... and since I really love her blog too, it makes me even more happy!
Hilde takes wonderful pictures of nature, creates beautiful things, always has something interesting to tell us and loves nature just like me.

The Versatile blogger award rules are: that you should pass it on to 15 blogs you like to read, and let the bloggers know they have been nominated. Then you have to share 7 things about yourself. Finally you have to thank the award giver and link back to them.

Though there are many blogs I love to read - but since I already listed 15 blogs the last time I was nominated, I´m bending the rules a little here, and nominate three bloggers for the award:

1. Knittingmydayaway: Jóhanna makes wonderful things, creates beautiful knitting patterns and takes beautiful pictures... reading her blog is a joy!

2. Rodprjonar: Rodrigo is a wonderful knitter and a wonderful person who writes about his knitting and all the amazing creative things he does on his blog. Everything he creates is just perfect and he takes wonderful, inspiring pictures.

3. Na vlne: creates beautiful things with her needles and yarn (among other things: amazing shawls)... just like me she loves buttons and leaves. I really love her sense for colours and she always has something interesting to say about her knitting-experience...

And now, again, 7 new things you probably don´t know about me:

1. Ok, this you might know: my two boys are the most wonderful and perfect thing I´ve ever created! :-)
2. I really love nature, that´s where I find my peace of mind.
3. I´m a big Finland-fan - if I ever have to leave Iceland I´ll probably go there...
4. I LOVE sauna... we have the best finnish sauna in town, in the swimmingpool/gym 2 minutes away from where I live.
5. I have 2 masters degrees - M.A. in pedagogigs (Germany 2004) and the other one, M.S. in HRM, human resource management (Iceland, 2011).
6. I´d love to learn how to make my own soap and candles...
7. My mother is teaching me how to make my own sewing-patterns and helping me to advance my sewing skills these days... I've already created my dream-60´ies dress with her last week, and I´m going to tell you all about it in the next few days!

Thanks again Hilde! :-)


  1. Thanks for the nice words, Kristin :) And so nice to learn 7 more things about you. I too would like to learn how to make my own candles and soaps, and I have been thinking about it for years, but I never seem to get started. (Well, one day I will for sure :-))

    Can't wait to hear about your dream-60'ies dress! Sounds very interesting :)

  2. You are so very welcome dear Hilde! :-) Making your own candles and soaps really is exciting!

  3. Takk kærlega fyrir þetta elsku Kristín mín!!
    Þú ert svo rausnarleg!
    Þúsund knús til þín!!!