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Monday, January 2, 2012

A new year and changes

I've been thinking a lot about the new year and some changes I would like to make regarding my blog. I started thinking, why do I love reading some of my favorite blogs? I came to the conclusion that the following things are among the things that keep me coming back:

1. When I read other blogs, I really like it, when creative people show us what they are doing, and how they do it... for example in step-by-step-pictures.

2. I also like challenges, for example 7 pictures in 7 days, 10 hats in 10 weeks or something that...

3. Nice pictures (like rodprjonar or knittingmydayaway) and diverse content (like "systraseiður")

4. I also like theme-days, that is... doing the same things on certain days like Cheri does on her blog "iammommahearmeroar": "wake-up-wednesday" or "sunshine sunday"... I´d love to find something similar for myself... maby something that has to do with goal-setting, food and creating things I haven´t done before... we´ll see...

Having realized this, I´d like to keep these 4 things in mind this year and start with a step-by-step-post tomorrow about something very tasty and an exciting challenge after that... ;-)

Regarding good pictures: It can be a bit hard, getting good pictures in Iceland at this time of year, since we only have about 5 hours daylight, but I´ll try to use those few hours wisely to get good pics...

I have enough ideas to keep the content of my blog diverse... I´ll just have to DO more... perform more...

I wish you all a happy new year, filled with a lot of love, peaceful moments with your beloved ones, creativity and joy!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Gleðilegt nýtt ár sömuleiðis! Ég hlakka til að halda áfram að fylgjast með blogginu þínu og sjá breytingarnar. SPENNÓ!;)

    ps. takk fyrir hólið:)

  2. Happy New Year, Kristin!! Hope you will have a wonderful and creative 2012 :)
    I am looking forward to seeing what you will be making and what you will be doing during this year!

  3. Jóhanna: Verði þér að góðu :-D Og ég hlakka til að byrja á verkefninu okkar...

    Hilde: Happy new year to you Hilde! Hope you´ll have a wonderful new year, filled with joy, love and creativity!

  4. huhu! ein schönes neues JAhr für Dich und Deine Familie wünsche ich :)
    Ich verfolge nun Deinen Blog regelmäßig, obwohl ich ja leider nicht stricken und häkeln kann. Deine Kinder sind ja auch supersüss..habe mir Deine Flickr-Bilder angesehen und finde Deine Pullis für die Kleinen SO TOLL!!! lG, Grit von Allerhand Wundermurmeliges

  5. Hi Grit, ein wunderbares neues Jahr fuer dich und deine Familie und vielen Dank fuer die netten Kommentare! Es freut mich dass du meinen Blog gerne liest... ich gebe mir im Moment etwas Muehe, nicht nur ueber mein Stricken und Haekeln zu berichten sondern auch von Essen,Naehen und Basteln zu berichten... aber Stricken ist wirklich nicht so schwer - kann man lernen wenn man es wirklich will!